CCSD (Cambridgeshire Courses in Spiritual Direction)

CCSD was formerly an independent organisation, set up in 2002 with the purpose of informing and training participants in Christian Spirituality and the Art of Spiritual Direction. It grew out of a desire to make available more locally in East Anglia the kind of training then being offered by the Ignatian Spirituality Centre (ISC) in London. Two of CCSD's co-founders had taught on the Diocese of London's then two-year evening course (which itself had grown out from ISC). The CCSD course has since developed its own programme, materials and approach but it remains grateful for the gift of those early beginnings.

In 2014 CCSD approached SRC with a view to coming under its 'umbrella', as by this time its activities made it a large enough concern to necessitate governance under a formal charity arrangement. SRC felt that CCSD's purpose and scope fit well with SRC's own purposes, and that a coming together would be of mutual benefit. Following an introductory year of affiliation, CCSD became fully part of SRC in 2015. It continues to manage its own programme and courses, with SRC providing oversight. A member of CCSD's tutor team is a member of SRC's Council.

CCSD's main, 'flagship' course teaches about Christian spirituality and the art of spiritual direction. It also offers a 19th Annotation programme for praying the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, and occasional other courses related to development and support of spiritual directors. Its ethos is strongly experiential. Its hope is to encourage and develop a good number of trained, experienced people who can offer spiritual accompaniment to the increasing number of Christians who seek it.

CCSD is run by a management team of current and former tutors, together with an administrator and treasurer. The current office holders are the chairman (Jeremy Summerell), secretary/administrator (Jeremy and Tracey Summerell jointly) and treasurer (Florence Morton). To find out more, please go CCSD's website (see the link below). You can get in touch via the 'Contact Us' option, which is listed under the 'More' tab on the CCSD home page.