Short History of the Society of Retreat Conductors

The Society of Retreat Conductors was established in 1924 as a group of priests of Anglo-Catholic tradition who shared a common discipline and whose purpose was to study the Spiritual Exercises, train retreat leaders, give retreats in the Ignatian tradition and run retreat houses.
It ran its own retreat house, Stacklands, in Kent between 1940 and 2005.
The SRC is now an ecumenical body of experienced retreat givers who welcome into membership all retreat givers and spiritual directors who are willing to work within an Ignatian ethos. Its financial resources are being used to encourage and facilitate the provision of continuing Ignatian training both for its members and for others, and to work with other bodies in the promotion of the practice of retreat. Supervision may be offered, but members may also seek it elsewhere according to their own individual situation.
The Society does offer Grants to enable people to attend retreats and courses themselves and the application form can be found on the website.